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Parra-Chaires charged with identity theft
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Charges have been leveled against a local nursery worker charged with stealing another person’s Social Security number.
The man, Jose Concepcion Parra-Chaires, 38, is charged with identity theft and using a false identification. He will have a hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Dec. 4.
His charges come after it was discovered Parra-Chaires had used a fake Social Security card to obtain employment at John L. Cartwright Nursery.
The rightful owner of the Social Security number, a Toni Williams from North Carolina, learned that her number was being used and filed a report with the sheriff’s department. From there, sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter tracked down who was using the Social Security number and discovered it was Parra-Chaires. He then located him for an interview.
“He stated that he had bought the card in Texas from someone who makes the cards,” Carpenter said in his warrant against Parra-Chaires. “He stated he did not know who the Social Security number belonged to.”
In addition to facing charges locally, the crime could bring federal charges since it had to do with the illegal use of a Social Security number. His presence in the United States could also be at risk if it is discovered he was using the Social Security number to avoid going through legal channels to work in this country.