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Parker faces jail time for animal cruelty
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A Red Road woman faces felony animal cruelty charges after her injured dog was found near death in her yard with one of its legs missing.The woman, Nina Carol Parker, 35, faces one to two years in jail if she is convicted of the charge that was brought by City Animal Control Officer David Denton.“When I arrived I found a red pitbull dog with part of its front leg missing with a bone sticking out,” Denton said in his warrant against Parker.Along with the horrific injury, Denton said the dog was also malnourished.“The dog was malnourished, covered in parasites with no food or water,” Denton recalled, adding the dog’s owner was found sleeping inside the house when he knocked to inquire about the animal’s condition. “She admitted owning the dog and letting it suffer.”Investigators discovered the dog had been hit by a car some two weeks prior to the anonymous call which brought them to Parker’s home. To alleviate its suffering, the dog was euthanized a short time after it was taken from Parker’s custody.Parker was most recently in the news as part of the Chad Thompson murder trial.