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Park Theater fails fire inspection
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Park Theater has failed an electrical fire inspection due to not having a roof ladder. Steps are being taken to correct the problem.
According to city administrator Bill Brock during a Building and Grounds Committee meeting held Tuesday, the actual electrical portion of the inspection was fine.
“The electrical failed inspection. Not because of the electrical itself, but because we didn’t have a ladder to access the back of the building,” said Brock. “According to state electrical codes, anything over 18 feet has to have ladder access to get to the units.” 
The cost of the ladder is $3,300 and would be a change order to the original contract with W&O Construction. Brock requested a breakdown from the company on renovation costs and the amount is over $2 million by $16,920 which includes the cost for the ladder.
The original contract was for $2,013,673. Two change orders taking items out of the contract reduced the price by almost $65,217 (one being $63,023 for the orchestra pit), while two change orders putting items into the contract increased the price by $68,464 (one being $47,827 for theater-style seating).
While the city administrator does have the authority to approve the purchase because the price is under $5,000, Brock says he didn’t feel that applies because the cost is over the $2 million budget set by the city.
 “I wanted the committee to make a decision on that ladder,” said Brock. “I felt like I didn’t have the authority to do that because we are already over the original contract bid. The committee would have the authority to do it, which is why I’m bringing it to you to approve.”
 Alderman Everett Brock added, “Let’s not put the ladder in.”
 The joke brought a round of laugher, prior to Building and Grounds Committee members Steve Harvey, Ryle Chastain and Ben Newman unanimously voting to include the cost of the ladder in the contract.