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Parents charged for infant's broken leg
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A mother and father face felony charges for breaking their 2-month-old baby’s leg.
“It’s a horrible case,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland of the horrific fracture sustained by the infant, allegedly at the hands of one of his parents.
Both the baby’s mother, Dara Ann Dillard Cooper and father, Jonathan Randall Cooper, are charged with the crime.
Neither of the parents are taking responsibility for the injuries the baby suffered, therefore both are charged equally with the crime of aggravated child abuse. The crime carries 15 to 25 years in prison.
The infant was taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where doctors said it had a spiral fracture to one of its legs, the result, experts say, of a twisting motion. They also found something else.
“There were two older fractures and the new one, meaning the baby had suffered three fractures during its young life,” Rowland said.
Rowland said the baby not only suffered from the fractures but it was also underweight.
“The baby weighed less than when it was born,” said Rowland, noting the infant was born underweight and had only been in the custody of its parents for about a month.
Rowland said he doesn’t believe their story that they have no clue how the baby was injured.
“You can’t tell me no one knows what happened,” Rowland said. “The baby had three factures inside of a month. It had to be crying, letting them know it was hurting when it happened.”
The baby has been removed from their custody along with two other children.