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Open truck door, loud music lead to arrest for Myers on drug charge
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Leaving her truck door open was an open door for police who arrested a local woman on drug charges after they found marijuana in her vehicle as it was parked outside a store.
The woman, Penny Sue Myers, 39, has been indicted on charges of possession of drugs.
Her indictments come after McMinnville policeman Corey Floyd said he noticed the door of her truck wide open as it sat in front of Hena Market in Newtown.
“The door to the vehicle was open and loud music was being played,” Floyd said in his warrant against Myers.
Upon investigating the loud stereo the officer found Myers inside the store at which time he felt she might be under the influence of some type of intoxicant.
It was when she went to get her ID from her truck the officer saw the drugs.
“I saw a plastic bag with what appeared to be three partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in an open ash tray,” Floyd said, noting Myers admitted the marijuana belonged to her.
A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up several pills.
Her indictment comes even as Myers is under conviction for an incident over the summer where she was caught drunk driving. She was ordered two weeks ago to serve 30 days of a one-year sentence for a variety of charges, including DUI and possession of drugs. She was also found in violation of her probation given that conviction.
The prior DUI conviction involved possessing and using Xanax pills while operating a motor vehicle. There were similar pills found in her possession during her most recent arrest.