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One month later, murder still unsolved
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Investigators are looking at persons of interest in the unsolved murder of Tracy A. Martin, whose body was found a month ago on the banks of the Collins River off Red Road.
Still refusing to reveal the exact cause of death of the 38-year-old victim whose body was found by fishermen just before Thanksgiving last month, Sheriff Jackie Matheny said investigators are looking at and questioning persons of interest and he is hopeful that will lead to the case being solved and the murderer or murderers prosecuted.
The sheriff has refused to confirm or deny the victim, who was found partially in the water and partially on the bank, suffered blunt force trauma and/ or gunshot wounds. Polygraph tests have also been conducted in connection with the investigation.
“Sometimes cases can take a while and this is one of those cases,” Matheny said. “We’ve been able to solve other cases fairly quickly, but not every case goes that way.”
Matheny said officers are working hard and they suspect a likely motive for the murder. He did not reveal that motive.
The sheriff admitted the frustrating thing is investigators are certain there are people who know what happened but are not coming forward.
“I know there are people who know who did this,” Matheny said. “Why they aren’t doing all they can do to help bring these people in is beyond me.”
Matheny compared the case to that of the unsolved murder of Rebecca Mooneyham who was shot through her front window as she slept in a chair in her living room two years ago.
“This case is just like Rebecca’s in that people know who did it but aren’t coming forward,” Matheny said. “I understand people are scared and don’t want to get involved, but this was a person’s life.”
Matheny said his officers are also working on the Mooneyham case.
“We will keep working on Rebecca’s case until it is solved,” Matheny said.