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One for the record books
Locally owned snake largest in captivity
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Warren County could be adding another accolade to its roster of famous residents. However, this one is far from being indigenous to the area.
Tic Tac Farm owner Patrick Robinson recently obtained an 11-year-old female tiger reticulated python named Princess. He says neglect and poor health forced the snake’s previous owner to find it a better home or have the snake euthanized.
“She is enjoying the good life now with proper veterinary care, plenty of food and the attention she deserves,” said Robinson. “She feeds on a diet of whole chickens, small pigs, rabbits and more.”
Reticulated pythons can be found throughout Southeast Asia. The head of the species is unmarked with only a conspicuous line running from each eye to the angle of the jaws.
Princess was recently measured, weighed and inspected and was confirmed to be the largest snake in captivity. While her exact measurements are being kept under wraps until an official announcement is made in a couple of months, she is more than 20 feet long and weighs over 300 pounds.
“It’s amazing to be able to make history with this animal and give her a long and happy life instead of being euthanized,” said Robinson.
Robinson is well known for his menagerie of numerous exotic animals, locally and nationally. He recently spent some time with Jeff Corwin from “Animal Planet,” Mountain Man and Godwin from “Duck Dynasty,” the Grammy Award-winning bluegrass duo Dailey and Vincent, and has a upcoming trip to work with Eustace Conway from the History Channel hit show “Mountain Men.”
Snakes are a new addition to Tic Tac Farm. Plans are to use Princess as an ambassador to change how people feel about snakes, says Robinson.
“Everyone loves the cute and furry animals, but snakes play a vital role in the ecosystem. If we can change the heart and open one mind with Princess, then she has done her job as an animal ambassador and we have done our job by rescuing her.”
Princess will be on display at reptile expos, special events and shown for education and conservation purposes.
For more information about the animals on the farm, visit Tic Tac Farm on Facebook.