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One bid received to manage Park Theatre
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McMinnville officials won’t have their work cut out for them in reviewing prospective management groups for Park Theatre. Park Theatre Group stands alone in its desire to operate the facility once it’s complete.
The deadline to submit a bid to be considered passed at 3 p.m. Tuesday with only PTG asking for the job.
“PTG is uniquely qualified because of our 12 years of work dedicated to the restoration and revitalization of the Park Theatre and because of our unparalleled commitment to this community,” said Park Theatre Group board member Sandra Haynes.
PTG has no prior experience in managing a theater. Haynes says the group, while focused on Park Theatre renovation, researched its future management.
“Through active participation in the Tennessee Presenters Association, we have secured contacts that will facilitate programming as soon as the construction is complete,” she said. “We envision a center that will serve the local community and provide quality programming that will draw regional audiences, thus contributing to the economic development and stability of downtown McMinnville.”
Haynes adds the goal of the group is for the theatre to be a self-sustaining business and “our status as a nonprofit organization allows us to reinvest in the theatre, solicit volunteers, secure grants, and be of service to the community.”
According to the proposal, Park Theatre will be available for private events and the group plans to offer a diverse programming that will appeal to a wide range of local and regional audiences.
“The Park Theatre will be available year round for entertainment, cultural, and educational events and tours. Programming will include, but not be limited to, music, dance, and theatrical presentations by national, regional and local performers. Special events such as classic movie series, and music festivals will be included.”
Ticket prices were calculated at $27.50 for a level one ticket for nationally recognized acts that are marketed to areas within a two-hour drive of the theatre, and $20 for a level two ticket for local and regionally recognized acts and marketed accordingly.
To manage the theatre on a full-time basis, the group plans to hire an executive director and, on an as-needed basis, a director of performances, artistic director, sound and lighting personnel, custodial staff, and accountant.
Projected income for 2015 is $394,661 — ticket sales gross profit $97,710, concessions $45,750, services $22,031, program ad sales $33,570, rental and workshops $10,000, radio and TV broadcasts $2,400, donations $15,000, sponsorships $150,000, grants $10,000, and in-kind contributions $8,200.
Projected expense for 2015 is $173,351 — rent to the city $1, payroll $75,000, sales and marketing $35,000, maintenance and repairs $1,500, utilities $28,000, office supplies $6,500, paper products $9,600, phone and Internet $1,800, permits and licenses $3,500, and community return $1,200.
Projected income of $394,661 and expenses of $173,351 gives the group a net profit of $221,310 in 2015.
In current financially backing, the group has $70,000 from previous fundraising efforts and “an additional $150,000 pledged if we are the manager/ operator of the theatre.”
On the PTG Board of Directors with Haynes are Sara Covert, David Marttala, Steve Phillips, Cindy Rogers, Diane Stanley, Debra Grepperud and Robert C. Boyer.
In its bid package, the group included letters of support from Cumberland Caverns general manager Teddy Jones, Paula’s Dance Academy owner Paula Barnes, Heritage Alliance treasurer Rachel Killebrew and attorney Ryan J. Moore.
No time has been set for officials to review the bid.