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Omni Drive, Sunnyside Heights ownership considered
Whose street is it anyway?
While the citys Public Works Department has made some repairs to pothole-riddled Omni Drive, the road has not been officially adopted by the city, according to city administrator Bill Brock.

The street no one wanted is still just that. Omni Drive was never formally adopted by the city of McMinnville, or was it?
“We’ve got a few minutes and there’s something I think you need to be informed of because you are looking at Sunnyside Heights,” said city administrator Bill Brock in between meetings on Tuesday night. “Omni Drive, there was some serious conversations about Omni Drive over a year ago. We never accepted Omni Drive. I just want you to know that. It’s not a city street. It was never accepted.”
Vice Mayor Ben Newman stated, “I thought we did.”
“We didn’t,” said Brock. “We talked about it very seriously. We talked about splitting the cost of paving with the county. Their committee talked about it, but it was never accepted. I just wanted everybody to know that.”
Brock says he was asked about the city’s adoption of Omni Drive so he looked back in the minutes of past meetings and could not find any meeting in which a vote was taken.
Mayor Jimmy Haley stated, “We voted to do it but it never was accepted by the city. I think, in talking with (former Planning and Zoning manager) Josh Baker, we were going to wait on Sunnyside Heights so we could update the maps all at one time.”
“So it’s still a private drive right now?” asked Aldermen Steve Harvey.
“Yes,” said Brock.
The confusion resulted in the street’s potholes being filled in by McMinnville Public Works Department employees.
When Harvey questioned who paved it, Brock stated, “It’s been seriously patched, but it hasn’t been paved.”
When Harvey questioned who patched it, Brock stated, “We did, because we thought it was accepted.”
Newman says he thought there was a motion, a vote, and the vote passing.
“It never happened,” said Brock referring to a vote.
Consideration can be made to adopting Omni Drive at the same time as Sunnyside Heights.