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Old Spring Street Motors building up for rezone
The owner of this property is requesting the city to rezone it from primarily residential (R-2) to a mixed commercial (R-5) in order to continue allowing the property to be used as commercial. For more than 50 years, it was used as a car lot and grandfathered in when the city established zoning restrictions. However, the business closed and lost its grandfather status.
City officials will be considering a measure to rezone a property on Spring Street, the home of former Spring Street Motors.McMinnville Regional Planning Commission met Tuesday to consider the request from the property’s current owner, Scottie Keel, who said he wants to continue the current commercial use of the property and renovate it into office spaces. He requested the zone to be changed from Residential-2 to Residential-5. “Since it’s been a car lot for 50 years, I wasn’t wanting to take it to total commercial but to open the options a little bit to some professional offices,” said Keel.What seems like an easy request is far from it.