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Old Morrison School is for sale
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The old Morrison School is up for sale, provided the price is right.
The Warren County Board of Education voted during its November meeting to “put out feelers” concerning the sale of the building. Board members noted if an offer is received which is generous enough, they will sell the building.
“I say we have a reserve price and put it out there,” said School Board member Jeff Lee in suggesting the building be put out for bid.
The reserve price of the building, the minimum amount the School Board will accept, has not been revealed.
The building is presently being used for a variety of purposes, including storage, training, and as a studio for the school system’s TV station. A new school opened in Morrison at the beginning of this school year. It’s located on Five Mile Road.
It was pointed out the old Morrison School could have been used as a distribution center for the school system since it is the closest building to Interstate 24 in Manchester. However, officials noted using the building to store things like textbooks would require climate control year round.
“I’d hate to use the place for storage when it’s a good 10 minutes outside town,” Lee said, noting the old school is off the beaten path as far as Warren County schools are concerned.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox agreed there could be costs associated with continuing to operate the old Morrison School as a storage facility.
“To maintain it long term out there could be costly,” Cox said in suggesting the school entertain offers to sell the building.
The school is already busy selling the portable buildings which are located outside the main body of the school.
As one last concern, School Board chairman Bill Zechman suggested Morrison gym be opened for private use given the lack of gym space in the county. However, there are concerns about its being used – first, as to who would open and close the facility and second, what the liability would be.
Board members agreed to look further into gym usage, while it was noted anyone wanting to use the gym would have to produce their own liability insurance.