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Ohio student moves her for Mechatronics
Motlow scholarship
Pictured, from left, are Motlow representative Jan Rogers, Motlow student Tecca Sheets, and scholarship providers Martha and John Scarborough.
Motlow College Mechatronics student and McMinnville resident Tecca Sheets recently received the prestigious John and Martha Scarborough Scholarship from the Motlow College Foundation.“I relocated from Ohio to Tennessee specifically to enroll in mechatronics at Motlow due to its advanced technology and superior staff,” said Sheets.The John and Martha Scarborough Scholarship awards a qualifying non-traditional (23 years or older) student fees and tuition for up to 12 credit hours and includes a stipend for books. Both Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough were instructors at Motlow for many years.“We are very fortunate to have donors as generous as Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough who are willing to help our students who typically are not eligible for traditional financial aid,” said Jan Rogers, director of advancement with the Motlow College Foundation. “Our non-traditional students make up a large portion of our student population.