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Officials to take look at Park plan
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Officials will get their first look at a proposed management agreement for Park Theatre between the city of McMinnville and Park Theatre Group. The measure will be under consideration this Tuesday night at 5:45 p.m.Park Theatre Group was tentatively given the reins to run the facility in July during a joint meeting of the city’s Finance and Building and Grounds committees.“I make a motion we accept Park Theatre Group’s proposal, pending them coming up with a suitable contract,” said Alderman Rick Barnes, during the joint meeting.The motion passed unanimously by Aldermen Ben Newman, Ken Smith, Mike Neal and Barnes.According to the proposed contract, the city will allow the group to operate and manage the theatre for three years – subject to annual review and renewal by majority vote of the board.Park Theatre Group members plan to hire Steve Phillips as executive director and Robert Boyer will be an as-needed performance director. Estimated payroll is $75,000, which includes the salary for Phillips, Boyer, and part-time employees for concessions, ticket booth, accounting, custodial duties, etc.If committee members agree with the contract, it will be sent to the full board for its consideration.