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Officials consider tinting courthouse windows
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Warren County Courthouse could be getting some window tint, as well as some other slight improvements.
The county’s Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday to consider a couple requests coming from individuals working in the building.
“Tank, and the guards at the courthouse, are wanting two fans for the landing upstairs. They are also wanting window tint put on the windows,” said County Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin, chairman of the committee. “I don’t blame them one bit.”
County maintenance supervisor Greg Bowdoin says there is no air conditioning in that area and the likelihood of there ever being any is zero.
“If you are sitting up there waiting to get in or anything, the only air you get is what comes from downstairs. The sun shines right through those windows. I think they need to be tinted and that would take the sun out of it. Then, you can put the fans up. If we put another unit on that system, I think we will run the water out of it.”
Bouldin says he checked years ago on the possibility of adding vents to the landing area so it would be tied into the building’s air conditioning system and was told it was impossible, but fans and tinting shouldn’t be a problem.
“A couple of fans will run less than $100,” said Bouldin. “I don’t see tint being all that much.”
Bowdoin says he asked Tank to price tint and bring that back for the county’s consideration.
“I would like to get the tint where you can see out but people can’t see in, just because it blocks the glare better than regular tint. I don’t know how much more that will cost.”
Judge Bill Locke has asked the shrubbery around the courthouse be trimmed back.
“It’s so high, he can’t see out his window,” said Bowdoin. “That one tree is so high, it’s to the second floor. Some of the bushes around the side of the courthouse need to be clipped to make them look better.”
Committee members approved obtaining bids for trimming the shrubbery around the courthouse, two fans and tint.