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Officer on bicycle makes DUI stop
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A man was arrested for drunk driving Wednesday night by bicycle officers on patrol around the Dr Pepper fireworks show after they noticed his license plate was upside down.
The suspect, Shawn Earl Edwards, 20, has been charged with underage DUI, while his passenger, Jacob James Damon, 18, has been charged with underage consumption of alcohol.
State law requires you be 21 years of age to consume, purchase, or possess alcohol. Both youths were said to be over the legal limit for intoxication, which in Tennessee is .08.
It’s the first time a McMinnville police officer has made a DUI arrest on a bike, according to Police Chief Bryan Denton.
The arrests came when McMinnville police officer Jared Jacobs, who was on bicycle patrol around the Civic Center as the fireworks display was starting, noticed the suspect’s license plate had been hung upside down. This prompted the officer to stop the vehicle as it was traveling on Sunset Drive.
Officers said the two smelled heavily of alcohol, failed sobriety tests, and became belligerent during the bicycle stop. Lawmen found beer in the car during a subsequent search.
The arrest, according to Chief Denton, is unusual since a car was pulled over by a bicycle.
“They were doing their job and were in the right place at the right time where they were able to get the car safely stopped,” said Denton, noting the crowded area and number of pedestrians made the drunk driving incident very dangerous.