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Officer attacked by Great Dane
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A McMinnville police officer was attacked by a dog while answering a disturbance call, leaving the lawman recovering and two dogs in custody under observation.
The officer, Toby Lewis, suffered several bites from a Great Dane to the arm and back and was treated at River Park Hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.
Lewis was answering a disturbance call on Bybee Branch Road when he was attacked by a Great Dane. When back-up arrived, he revealed the injuries he had suffered. However, at issue is which dog had bit him since there were three Great Danes at the residence.
His backup, officer Brad Hall, investigated and discovered there were two brown Great Danes and one black one. Lewis said the dog that bit him repeatedly was brown.
Given the fact he was not sure which dog did the biting, both were collected by Animal Control. They are being held under quarantine to make sure they are not suffering from some type of disease such as rabies that could be transmitted. The dogs reportedly belong to Eddie Hennessee. He has not been charged with any crime. The officer was answering the disturbance call at Hennessee’s residence when he was bitten.
Both of the Great Danes have up-to-date rabies vaccinations. They will be released back to their owner after being held for 10 days.
In cases of dog attacks, the law allows officers to use deadly force to repel the attack of an animal, even if the animal is on private property. Lewis did not shoot either of the dogs.