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November designated as Homecare, Hospice Month
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November is designated as national Homecare and Hospice Month, celebrating the spirit of love displayed by those involved in this vital community service.
Renowned and revered humanitarian Mother Teresa once said, “I am essentially a home care and hospice nurse. We provide care wherever the poorest of the poor call home and offer a place of love when they are ready to meet God.”
Mother Teresa knew the best way to serve God was to care on earth for those who are ill, disabled or dying. She believed every person mattered from birth to death. She chose what was difficult, believing one grew stronger in the face of adversity, and one of her favorite expressions was “Choose always the hardest way.”
This is what many caregivers do on the challenging path they follow day in and day out. They do it to give their patients the best care in the very best place, their home, says Hershey Glenn, RN, director of services at NHC HomeCare.
A day may well come when home care will be the heart of health care in our country, but there are obstacles ahead. Patients do much better at home and it costs less than care in an institution. These are among the achievements of home care and hospice recognized during November.
All nurses, therapists, social workers and nurses aides, are applauded and recognized for providing care to their patients, because the care they provide has helped on several fronts toward winning America’s last great civil rights battle, one waged on behalf of the aged, disabled and ill.
“On behalf of all home care and hospice workers, NHC HomeCare would like to extend our appreciation for the support of all our referral sources and the support of all the patients and the community as a whole,” said Glenn.