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Not using scooper makes pet owners party poopers
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No Pets Allowed! Animals have been ousted from the Civic Center ballfields. The call of nature not being picked up is putting a damper on players.
“It has pretty much always been no pets allowed on the ballfields, we just haven’t had the signs up until now,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord.
The signs have been in place approximately six months. McCord says pet owners are just now starting to take notice and complain about the policy.
“Parents are bringing their children to the park, as well as their pet. They are just now noticing the signs, which is why some are starting to complain,” said McCord. “The problem is pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs. And, they want to put their dog in the ballfield and leave it. What if it gets loose?”
McMinnville officials discussed the possibility of preventing dogs at the ballfields and installing a dog park approximately two to three years ago. Deliberations never moved into implementation.
McCord says those discussions were before he was named director.
“I didn’t know about that,” he said. “I just had the signs put up because I got complaints from people saying ‘I don’t want to play out there, because I’m stepping in dog pooh all the time’ and that’s something we shouldn’t have as our reputation,” said McCord.
Ramsey Park would be McCord’s suggestion for a dog park.
“I think Ramsey Park would make a great dog park,” he said. “It’s not used very often. There’s a lot of land and a lot of grass. You can’t just put a fence up. You would have to double fence it and have a big dog side and a small dog side.”
Ramsey Park is located on Bernard Drive near the downtown water tower.