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Nissan begins installing solar-assisted charging stations
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FRANKLIN (AP) — Nissan North America Inc. has begun installing 30 solar-assisted charging stations at its Smyrna plant and its headquarters in Franklin.The advanced solar chargers are designed to charge the Nissan LEAF. The company soon will build the LEAF and the batteries that power it at the Smyrna plant southeast of Nashville.The company said in a news release the battery plant is 75 percent complete with an expected operational date of late next year.The solar chargers will be operational for use by Nissan employees and visitors by July 1.• • • • •JACKSBORO (AP) — The former principal of Jacksboro Elementary School has been charged with theft and official misconduct after a state audit found she profited from the sale of air purifiers that were never delivered to the school.A Thursday letter to the Campbell County School Board from the state comptroller's office says Sandra Chaniott made more than $8,500 on the undelivered items. She also made more than $2,000 on the purifiers that were delivered, although it violates district policy for a principal to profit from sales to her school.Moreover, Chaniott was paid more than $6,800 for selling air purifiers at a previous school. It was not determined how many of those were delivered.Chaniott also violated district policy by hiring her son and another person to paint the school without putting the project out to bid.