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New Tennessee laws of 2012
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A law requiring a photo ID to vote is among a number of new state laws that went into effect Sunday in Tennessee.Opponents of the controversial legislation say it will keep some people from voting, while supporters say it will help prevent voter fraud.“What this is going to do is it’s going to disenfranchise a lot of voters,” said state Rep. Charles Curtiss, who voted against the bill. “Some people aren’t going to go out and get a photo ID. They’re just not going to vote.”To accommodate what was expected to be heavier traffic to obtain a photo ID, some Tennessee driver service centers have been opening on Saturdays, although the center in McMinnville wasn’t selected as one of those sites.Since the state began issuing voter IDs on July 1 2011, the McMinnville station has issued 261 identification cards for voting purposes. As of Dec. 31, Tennessee has issued 9,492 voter IDs statewide.Curtiss said there is still a way for senior citizens to vote without a photo ID.“If you’re 65 or older, all you have to do is call your election office and request an absentee ballot and they will mail one to your home,” said Curtiss.