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New post office roof among approved changes
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Historic Zoning Commission members approved three changes in the historic district. Certificates of Appropriateness were given Monday for a new roof, a new fence, and a new sign.
United States Postal Service, located at 102 E. Court Square, will be getting a new roof. The building is listed on the National Register and is approximately 81 years old.
According to Matthew Twitchell, a postal service representative, the building is in relatively good shape. Not the same can be said for the roof.
“We had a storm go through about three months ago and it caused minor damage to the shingled roof in multiple locations,” he said. “It’s a good building. You could probably spend as much money as you wanted to in there, but for now, we have been asked to put a new roof on it.”
The work will leave the dimensions of the roof relatively the same, while the color of the shingles may be slightly darker. Satellite dishes and a conduit will be removed. Before flashings are installed, the brick will be cleaned.
“I just want to commend you on your COA application,” said HZC member Rachel Killebrew. The report included details of the work and color pictures. “I wish they all looked like that. I just hope the post office stays another 70 years.”
A fence will be placed behind a Court Square business to restrict access to a private area. Situated behind 119 W. Court Square, which used to be McMinnville Flower Shop, the lot is accessible from Morford Street and it is being used for extended periods of time by people other than property owners.
“We have a problem with people parking there all the time,” said Chrissi DePiero, whose parents own the building. “I drove by today and there were three cars on the lot. We have posted signs. They have been ripped down or blown down.”
DePiero says they would like to install a post and chain fence that will prevent motorists from parking behind the building, but not obstruct anyone’s view. McMinnville Public Works would still have access to the alley for a dumpster located there.
“I’m on the board of the library and the residents from All-O-K’sions park in the library lot,” said Killebrew referring to apartments above All-O-K’sions. “When we run them out of our lot, I’ve noticed they go to yours. We have a constant problem with it.”
The fence will consist of white posts with a black chain looped between them.
“I like the design of the fence,” HZC chairman Bobby Kirby said as he looked at a picture presented in the application. “I’ve seen that in other areas and it looks really good.”
A new sign will be placed for Flowers and Ceramics at 222 E. Main Street. Sharon Shannon is leasing the property and wants to replace the old sign with one advertising her store. It will be a four-foot by two-foot sign without lights.
Historic Zoning Commission members accepted all three applications unanimously.