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New initiative helps save animals lives
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A new program is helping to save animals whose time is almost up at Warren County Animal Control. In two weeks, a total of 29 dogs, cats and kittens have been rescued.
“Sad Eyes Urgent Rescue is an effort I began on my own time for animals at the facility I know are going to be euthanized within a week,” said Warren County Animal Control director Tammy Webb. “We have had a tremendous response from it.”
On its first day on Facebook, the site received 183 hits within two hours. Since that time, six dogs and 23 cats and kittens have been adopted by individuals or picked up by rescue organizations.
Individuals are coming from far and wide to adopt the animals. Webb says one woman is coming from Vermont on Tuesday to adopt a bulldog, while one person came from Lewisburg to pick up nine kittens.
“The list goes on and on,” said Webb. “I have been contacted by rescue groups. One rescue couldn’t take any of the puppies, but they gave us some 7-in-1 shots to inoculate them so they would not get sick while in the kennels.”
Other than animals being housed at Warren County Animal Control and cared for by Webb, Sad Eyes Urgent Rescue is not affiliated with Warren County.
“This is my rescue,” said Webb. “I do it on my own time. We do adopt quite a few animals, but I feel this rescue effort will increase that number even more.”
Webb worked with Jamie Wheeler from Kastaway Kitties to establish the web page. Wheeler uses the Internet to find placement for cats she has rescued.
For more information, visit Sad Eyes Urgent Rescue.