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New drug gains popularity
Zavogiannis warns of danger to youth
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One of the most lethal dangers facing Warren County youth are synthetic drugs, something District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis believes parents need to know about.“These drugs are more than just illegal, they are lethal,” Zavogiannis said during a presentation at the Noon Exchange Club on Tuesday.Zavogiannis said the use of the drugs, commonly known as plant food under names like Molly’s Plant Food, Crazy Monkey and Ivory Wave, is skyrocketing among teens. The plant food is similar to drugs like meth and PCP.“It induces violence, increases heart rate and body temperature, causes delusions and suicidal thoughts,” Zavogiannis said.She said Cookeville’s hospital did a three-year study on emergency room cases involving synthetic drugs. Over that period, 182 patients came through their door, almost all of the victims having to be put on a ventilator.The drug can be snorted, injected or smoked.