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New codes enforcer to keep job despite criminal charge
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Members of the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee voted Monday night to keep new codes enforcer Jason Simmons after receiving his background check that included one conviction for domestic assault, a Class A misdemeanor, and three other arrests in which he pled not guilty.Simmons explained to commissioners he pled guilty to the domestic assault charge in January 2010 because he could not afford to continue paying his lawyer every time they went to court. “He said if I plead guilty, it will all be over,” said Simmons.Simmons pled not guilty to driving on a revoked license, aggravated assault and domestic violence charges, some dating back to 1992. According to Simmons, all charges were dismissed in those three cases.Commissioner Kenneth Rogers asked, “Why was he put to work before his background check was back?”County Executive John Pelham explained former codes enforcer David Smith left the position Aug. 31 and the county needed someone to work as soon as possible.