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New accounting positions could cost county $317,377 each year
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Funding the county’s financial management department for the balance of the 2011-12 fiscal year has resulted in some creative budget moves, ironically made possible by leftover money from the $400,000 originally allotted by the Warren County Commission to pay for the costly litigation between the county and the city over the local option sales tax.With an estimated seven new employees needed to take over payroll and finances for the Warren County School System and Warren County Highway Department due to the county’s adoption of the so-called 81 Act, financial management department director Linda Hillis calculated the cost could amount to $317,377 annually. Hillis presented figures to commissioners during a meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee. Hillis was also asked to come up with a total cost to fund the department for the balance of the fiscal year, which was listed as five months.With an annual payroll cost of $317,377, the monthly cost would be $26,448.