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Nation rattled by school massacre
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The words from a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School punctuates the unthinkable sadness of a tragedy that has shocked the nation.It wasn’t the sight of a gunman opening fire at the school that will stick with her the most.It wasn’t the sight of dead, bloody children which will make the most lasting impression.She said it was the reaction from parents who had frantically converged to pick up their children, only to be told they no longer had a child to pick up from school.Said Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis whose school was jolted by its own deadly rampage more that a decade ago, “It has to stop, these senseless deaths.”The massacre was very much on the minds of Warren County school officials on Friday as they watched details of the shooting unfold through 24-hour news networks.Parents at the elementary basketball tournament at Eastside were searching their tablets on Friday night for the latest details. There was a moment of silence at the WCHS basketball game at Charlie Dalton Gym.“I can’t imagine what they’re going through,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “All we can do is pray for them.