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Musky tourney brings in nationwide anglers
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So where did North Carolina resident Alan Broyhill catch that monster musky? It all depends on who you ask.
"They're very secretive about that," said Todd Gregory, organizer of last weekend's Hardly Strickly Musky Tournament in Warren County.
Broyhill caught the 49.5-inch musky on a fly rod and released the fish shortly thereafter. About the closest you can get to his actual location when he caught the fish is on the Caney Fork River near Rock Island.
It's because of 49.5-inch fish like that Warren County is quickly gaining a reputation as the Home of the Southern Musky.  Fishermen from around the nation are traveling to this area in search of musky.
At last weekend's tournament, 80 anglers from 17 states came to compete.
"Some of these guys fish all over the world and they're the best in the world," said Gregory, a local businessman who owns Towee Boats. "Musky fishing has become sort of a cult thing because it's so hard to catch. It's called the fish of 10,000 casts."
Gregory said fisherman came from as far as Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin to compete last weekend.
"The Collins River is one of the best musky fishing rivers in the country," said Gregory. "It's definitely the best in the South."
Other finalists were:
• Chris Willen, Wisconsin
• Mike Schultz, Michigan
• Charlie Gordon, Virginia
• Kelly Galloup, Montana
• Kyle Burnette, North Carolina
• Dave Neely, Tennessee
• Zach Bogard, Tennessee
• John Toghy, Tennessee
• Eric Cohen, Alabama