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Murray testifies about getting shot while fishing
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Saying his cellphone was literally shot from his hand as he was calling 911 during a fishing trip, shooting victim Ken Murray identified the man who fired the blasts from the shore which left him wounded.
“He said, ‘You get out of here now,’” Murray recalled hearing his alleged shooter, Floyd Kirby, 75, exclaim as he opened fire first with a small handgun.
Murray’s recollections of the events of May 10 came during a preliminary hearing for Kirby, who was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross on two counts of aggravated assault. The felony charges carry three to six years per count.
Murray told the court he and friend Stan Owenby were fishing along the bank of Harvest Farm Lake where Murray is a homeowner. Upon drifting in their boat behind Kirby’s home, which is near Murray’s house, the victim said the yelling and shooting began.
Murray said the first shots were enough to have them yell out they were leaving despite his assertion he has rights to fish there as a homeowner on the lake.
“The association agreement is that owners can fish anywhere on the lake,” Murray noted, saying a deed which lists Kirby’s land running out into the lake was outdated and has since been changed to give all homeowners there fishing rights. “We were about casting distance from the bank behind his house.”
After the first round of shots, Murray said Kirby came back with a shotgun and began firing, prompting him to pull out his cellphone to call authorities.
“I was shot in the hand as I was calling 911,” Murray said, showing the buckshot scar on his hand. “The shot hit my hand and passed right through.”
Kirby kept firing, Murray testified, with his next blast striking him in the shoulder.
“It knocked me off balance and out of the boat,” Murray recalled, saying the shots still kept coming despite Owenby calling out to Kirby to tell him he had shot Murray. “The next shot sprayed the boat as I was swimming back toward it.”
Murray said they were able to get the boat out of the water and onto the shore a short distance away. Murray was subsequently treated for three buckshot wounds, while Kirby was arrested. He has been warned not to have any guns in his possession while he awaits trial.