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Murder still haunts investigators
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Three years ago to the day Rebecca Mooneyham was shot to death through her front window as she slept in a chair in her own living room, her murder remains unsolved.“Her killers are still on the loose and it’s going to take someone coming forward with information to get these monsters off the streets,” said Mooneyham’s daughter, Lisa Davis, on the third anniversary of her mother’s murder.Mooneyham, 46, was shot through a large picture window in front of her home on Lawson Mill Road. The assassin fired a single shot, likely from the front yard, and then fled in a vehicle.Her husband of 25 years, Phillip Mooneyham, heard a noise and found his wife mortally wounded.“I heard a noise and got up thinking someone had dropped a dish or something, and half expected to hear my wife yelling at my daughter about it, but then I met my daughter and knew something was wrong because she said she couldn’t get her mother awake,” said Mr. Mooneyham, revealing it was then the horrifying revelation sunk in that his wife had been shot. She would die from the wound at Vanderbilt Medical Center.A $2,500 reward is being offered by friends and family for information leading to an arrest.The reward, Davis said, is significantly less than the $8,000 reward being offered for the shooting of a dog, Corona, which was shot in the mouth and drew nationwide attention on the Internet.“Folks are ready to offer a large reward in the blink of an eye for someone who shot a dog,” she said, noting that while being an animal lover, she believes some people’s priorities are out of whack.