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Multi-event discount proposed for Park
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McMinnville officials are considering a multi-event rental agreement discount for individuals or groups that wish to hold more than one event in a one-year timeframe. “Several months ago it was brought to my attention some people who wanted to do multiple events inquired about discounts,” said Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “I had some research done to determine what other theaters are doing and we came up with a discount rate.”McCord, and Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts, requested of Parks and Recreation Committee members Ben Newman, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner to add the following fee structure to the rental policy:Multi-event rates: Persons/ organizations renting the facility for multiple public user events throughout the same calendar year will receive the following discounted rates: One event pays a regular price, two events receive a 10 percent discount on the second show/ rental, three events receive a 20 percent discount on the third show/ rental, and four events receive a 30 percent discount on the fourth show/ rental.Newman asked about using a rolling calendar year which starts a 12-month period as soon as the first event is held, rather than a January through December calendar year.“We would like to keep with a calendar year so it would be easier for us to keep track of,” said Roberts.