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Mudbogs helps pay for Harrison Ferry firetruck
Mandy Stanley of Smithville lived up to the name on her truck. She won first place in D Class driving Feisty during Harrison Ferry Volunteer Fire Departments first mug bog since 2009. The event was held Saturday.

Harrison Ferry Volunteer Fire Department held its first mud bog fundraiser on Saturday after a six-year dry spell.  Three more events are scheduled this year.
According to Fire Chief Lynn Curtis, the department recently purchased a new firetruck at a cost of $37,000 and the proceeds from Saturday’s mud bog and future ones will go toward that purchase.
“The community support is greatly appreciated,” said Curtis, who stressed the need for continued support. “We get $3,000 a year from the county and that’s it. We can’t even pay our insurance with that. We are a small community. We have less than 300 homes here. We charge $35 a year and there’s about 30 percent participation in paying those dues. We need community support.”
The last time the department held a mud bog was in 2009. Due to a decrease in participation, the events stopped. Interest has rejuvenated because Saturday’s event attracted more than 1,000 spectators, adults and children, to watch the mud fly and to see 27 entries wow the crowd.
Helping keep their attention was announcer Larry Simons, who slung mud of his own by commenting on age, gender and make of truck as the competitors attempted to make it through the pit. Crowd members responded by showing their agreement or disagreement with Simons by shouting at him. 
Concessions were provided. Offered were hamburgers, loaded BBQ nachos, fries, cotton candy, drinks, etc.
Admission into a Harrison Ferry mud bog is $7. Children 10 years of age and under are free. Three more mud bogs are scheduled Aug. 1, Sept. 5, and Oct. 3.