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Movies help spread anti-meth message
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Methamphetamine is an addictive and lethal drug. It’s known on the street by many colorful names including “ice,” “crank,” and “meth.” It’s illegal to make, possess or consume.
Bob and Wanda Bassham, owners and operators of Three Star Cinema, Stewart Harnell, CEO of Cinema Concepts of Atlanta, Ga., and Ben Lomand Connect have joined together to make a public service announcement informing people about the dangers of meth use.
The Basshams have donated valuable Three Star Cinema screen time to help get the message out that using meth – even once – can mean instant addiction, or death. Through their generosity, this PSA has been reaching a broad audience of McMinnville movie-goers.
The PSAs are played on Three Star Cinema’s screens before movies. The length of each of the PSAs is 60 seconds. The usual cost for just one 60-second spot is approximately $6,000 to get the project from video camera to a film strip suited for theater projection. Cinema Concepts completed this processing and conversion at no charge.
Ben Lomand Connect has also joined in donating time and resources to run three 60-second PSAs on TV thereby extending the reach of this important message further.
Bob Bassham said the PSA is now being shown before the movie “Alex Cross.”
“We do not show it on movies young kids will come to see,” he said.
District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis said, “I want to thank the Basshams for their willingness to stand up and help people in the community. I’m proud to know them. It is a great thing for people in the community to stand up and help us in this battle against meth and other drugs in our town. Helping us fight drugs is a super nice thing for everyone to do. BLTV has three ads they are showing at different times. The people who converted the ads to tape are not from here and they did not charge us. They were touched by the fact we have such a drug epidemic in this area.”
The Tennessee District Attorney General’s Conference, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the Tennessee Meth Task Force and Zavogiannis are grateful for the helping hand extended by these new partners in the effort to make the McMinnville area meth-free.
More information on ways to join the fight against meth in Tennessee is available at and 1-877-TNN-METH.