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Motorcycle rider, 28, killed Friday
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A motorcycle rider was killed early Friday morning when he lost control and slammed into a landscaping wall.
The fatally injured victim has been identified as Tomas Kaska, 28.

According to state trooper Rodney Whiles, the accident took place at 12:34 a.m. Friday morning while Kaska was traveling on a 2003 Honda motorcycle on Spring Valley Road. The road is located not far from the airport.

As Kaska was traveling on Spring Valley Road, he failed to apply his brakes until after a stop sign at the T-intersection with Bybee Branch Road. The motorcycle began to skid in the intersection and Kaska was forced to lay the bike down.
In doing so, his helmet was not secured properly and it came off. Kaska reportedly struck his head on a handmade decorative stone landscaping wall.