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Motor purrs like a kitten
Cat falls from engine area
Pet of Week
This kitten is in need of a good home. She’s up for adoption at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

A kitten with a nose for adventure found itself in a motorized world of trouble. 

Silver, as she has been affectionately named by staff, was brought into Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center by former Animal Control employee Deitra Kester. 

“Deitra said she was driving down the road and when they stopped at a light she saw this kitten fall out from under another car’s motor,” said Animal Control officer Shelby Newman. “She said she about caused a car pileup, but she jumped out of her vehicle and rescued it.” 

The kitten is approximately 8 weeks old and has received a clean bill of health from a local veterinarian. 

“Silver is just adorable,” said Newman. “We haven’t received any calls about a missing kitten. I’d be hunting her if she were mine. She’s a happy, healthy kitten and very curious about everything. I can see why she got into trouble.” 

Adoption fee is $87, which includes the cost to spay and first rabies vaccination. 

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is located at 169 Paws Trail. Serious inquiries only may call 507-3647.