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Morgue expenses back up to $144K
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Is it possible to agree on the estimated cost of the county morgue? It’s certainly not looking that way as the price has risen once again to $144,000, almost reaching the $150,000 quoted a few weeks ago. In the past month, prices have ranged from the initially suggested under $50,000 price tag, to a “cap figure” of $150,000, to the $75,000 estimated by County Executive Herschel Wells last week.The $75,000 figure quoted by Wells was provided by architect Upland Design Group for a basic metal building with no brick or loading dock and did not include equipment or cooler costs.In a joint meeting of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee and Safety Committee, county safety coordinator David Britton gave commissioners a brief history of the morgue project and a report of where it currently stands.Since naming Upland as the architect, the county has been able to settle on a site for the facility which allows for progress on the final design and a more accurate estimate of final cost.Working with Upland, Britton has been able to come up with cost projections that should more closely match the final numbers.