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Morford Street revitalization nears end
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After months of delays and temporary closures, Morford Street has been paved.
Paving took place Monday and Tuesday with the rise in temperatures required for asphalt. Then crews began finishing up some curb work and tying the new asphalt into existing private property asphalt from driveways and parking lots.
“Now, we have to get temporary stripes on the street,” said Public Works director Bill Brock.
Brock says he will be contacting the individuals who will be placing the stripes on the two-lane street and encouraging them to do that as soon as possible.
“I was down there Monday night and people were all over the road,” Brock said. “Some went right down the middle of the street. They didn’t stick to the right or left. We need to get the stripes down before we have an accident.”
The stripes will be temporary, but visible.
“Mastic is the real thick stuff we normally use,” said Brock. “We will have to wait until the spring to replace the temporary stripes with permanent.”
Final project cost is unknown due to change orders. Brock says it will be more than the contract price, but less than the grant.
McMinnville contracted with Charles Deweese Construction for $723,405. For the project, the city has a $1.2 million grant from TDOT, which requires a $250,000 match.
At least one change order extended the length of the project and will be an added cost. Brock says the original project stopped at the courthouse. Because the bid came far below the grant amount, the project was extended past the courthouse in order to tie it into the concrete section near the intersection with Chancery Street.
Morford Street was phase two of the city’s Downtown Economic Revitalization Project. A phase three, which will extend the project on Morford Street to Hardee’s, may not be anytime soon.
“We will look for a grant for that,” said Brock. “If we could find one to extend it down Morford to Hardee’s, that would be good. With the economy, grants are drying up and I don’t know if we will be able to find one. I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future.”