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More rezoning could be coming
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Spring into rezoning? McMinnville officials will soon be considering another rezoning request from a property owner on North Spring Street.
Owner Miles Wilson has asked McMinnville’s Regional Planning Commission to rezone his property at 427 N. Spring Street from R-2 to R-5. The change would allow his property to be used for residential or light commercial, such as a bed and breakfast, tea room or professional offices.
“This parcel is surrounded on three sides by R-5 zoning,” said the city’s staff planner Jonathan Ward. “I don’t see any problem with rezoning. It is a little spot of R-2 surrounded by R-5.”
Wilson did not attend the meeting. However, Planning and Zoning supervisor Josh Baker says he spoke with Wilson and he wants to rezone to give him more options for using his property in the future. An option could be a bed and breakfast.
“I think he wants to put in a bed and breakfast,” Baker said. “I do need to bring something to your attention. We forgot to put up a sign on the property. We are required to send letters to the property owners adjacent to the proposed property. We did that. The sign isn’t required, but we usually do that.”
While property owners adjacent to the property under consideration are notified by mail, all others are notified by a sign placed on the property stating the property owner has requested a zoning change.
“We need to get that sign up so property owners will have a chance to oppose this, if they want to,” said Planning Commission member Jerry Williamson.
Planning Commission member Steve Harvey says he knows of at least one property owner in the area who would oppose rezoning if a bed and breakfast is in the works.
“I read the list of potential uses and the one thing they were not too crazy about is a bed and breakfast,” Harvey said.
This will be the fourth property owner in the area to request a zone change from R-2 to R-5, which allows a mixture of residential and light commercial use. Prior to this request, the owners of 402 N. Spring, 406 N. Spring and 109 Walling Street asked to be rezoned and were allowed.
McMinnville Regional Planning Commission members unanimously accepted the rezoning request made by Wilson. Their recommendation will be presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration. Along with considering an ordinance on the measure, the board must hold a public hearing.
Planning and Zoning Department will place a sign informing area residents of the proposed rezoning. No date has been set for a public hearing or for the board to consider the measure.