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More options emerge for McMinnville Police Department
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At least two more properties have been added to the list of those under consideration by McMinnville officials to house McMinnville Police Department.
Making the list are the old Dodge dealership building on Smithville Highway and what will soon be the former location of the Social Security Administration office on Old Smithville Road and the bypass.
Tim’s Motors is currently using the first property and it is owned by Timothy C. Floyd. The second property is owned by Jerry Williamson and leased to the governmental office, which is relocating.
“The problem is everyone has property and no one is buying,” said McMinnville Vice Mayor Everett Brock. “We’ve had over 25 different properties and recommendations for properties offered to us.”
Brock says he would rather not go into which property he likes of the two specifically mentioned. However, he would point out pros and cons to both.
A con for the Smithville Highway property is an extensive renovation would be needed.
“When it comes to the property on Smithville Highway, it would take a lot of renovation on the inside,” he said. “The inside would have to be subdivided into office spaces to fit the department’s needs. I have no idea how much that would cost.”
A pro for the property is the possibility of relocating a second city department into the building.
“The positive thing is we could move the city garage out there,” Brock said. “It already has a garage.”
Currently, the city garage is located behind McMinnville Fire Station 1 on Main Street. Vehicles have to use the fire department parking lot as an entrance.
A second pro is the possibility of selling the extra property located between the building and Smithville Highway. A street divides the main property from the extra land.
“We could hold onto the property until the economy turns around and then, sell it,” Brock said. “It is right next to the roadway and prime commercial property located next to KFC and McDonald’s.”
When it comes to the property owned by Jerry Williamson, a con would be available square footage.
“As it sits right now, it is not big enough to fit the department’s needs,” said Brock. “It would have to be expanded and some renovation done to fit the department’s needs.”
When it comes to pros, there are at least three — location, location, location.
“There are plenty of parking spaces and room where more can be added,” he said. “The property is on a main road and right next to an intersection. You couldn’t beat the location.”
Officials have yet to discuss the properties in a meeting. The price tag for each property is being withheld until the open discussion.