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More interviews set for Animal Control
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Members of the county’s Health and Welfare Committee have reviewed 13 applications for a vacant part-time Animal Control position.
The is the third time since last January the committee has met to fill a vacant position at the facility.
Only one of the 13 applicants has previously applied for a job with Animal Control and the one had worked at the facility when David Hennessee was director. That applicant will not be interviewed.
“He was employed with us before and doesn’t need to be there again. He is not who we need,” said committee chair Sally Brock.
The applicants were narrowed down due to a variety of reasons, including one applicant who had stated he quit a previous job driving a forklift, grinding and spot-welding because the work was too strenuous.
“If he thinks that’s too strenuous, he doesn’t have a clue of what is expected in this job,” said Brock.
One woman will not be interviewed because she has recently been charged with a crime.
“I know this woman personally and I wouldn’t hire her to do anything,” said Brock.
One person was eliminated due to no previous employment history whatsoever being listed on the application, while another was eliminated due to too many previous jobs – a total of 17 – being listed.
One was eliminated because the only previous job history was working for himself as a yard groomer. Another was taken out of the running because they had no experience other than being a CNA for home health companies.
“I hate to turn anybody down but we have to look at their previous experience,” said Commissioner Billy Earl Jones.
The six applicants who made it through the review will be interviewed this Thursday, Jan. 3.