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Mooneyham faces charge of threatening witness
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A man has been bound to the grand jury on charges he threatened a witness on the eve of his trial on felony assault charges.
The defendant, Phillip H. Mooneyham, 20, was bound to the grand jury on charges of coercion of a witness, vandalism, highway graffiti and violation of an order of protection. He has been warned to stay away from the victim or face having his bond revoked and being placed back in jail pending his trial.
His charges come after he  allegedly showed up outside the home of a Tobitt Road woman who was set to testify against him the following day on felony assault charges. The woman was to be the key witness against Mooneyham and was going to testify he placed a gun to her head after becoming mad at her last year. He was mad because she had kicked him out of her house where he had been allowed to stay since he was friends with her son and had nowhere else to live.
The woman maintains Mooneyham came to her home the night before the trial was to begin and threw rocks at her vehicle. He had been warned not to go around the victim.
After damaging her vehicle with rocks, the victim said Mooneyham yelled out a threat.
“He said, ‘You better not show up or I will kill you,’” the woman recalled, saying he then spray painted the road near her home.
“He sprayed vulgar images on the road in front of my house,” the woman said, noting he did all the actions while being warned by the court not to be around her home.
The trial has been reset on the former felony assault charge to later this year.