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Monument gets tuneup for winter
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For those who noticed yellow tape festooning the area around the county’s Bicentennial Monument recently, along with an artisan busily working on the marble representation of an oak leaf designed to represent the county’s agricultural heritage, there’s nothing to worry about.Local artist, woodcarver and sculptor Tim Muscetta was simply preparing the monument for the bad weather to come this winter, and correcting a few errors on the names engraved on the stone memorial. Muscetta was responsible for the charming Raccoon Family unveiled on the Barren Fork Greenway during the city’s bicentennial, and because of his obvious skill was deemed the best man for the job by county officials.County Executive John Pelham says the county was simply performing routine maintenance and corrective work on the monument, which is hewn out of Tennessee marble.“We’re cleaning it and sealing it for the winter,” Pelham said. “And doing a little additional work to it like painting the words in so they’re easier to read, and painting the symbols in so they’re easier to see.