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Mom steals daughter's identity
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A mother faces identity theft charges after she allegedly used her daughter’s identity to rip off credit card companies.
The mother, Michelle Denise Holt, 41, is charged with one count of identity theft and will face hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Feb. 2.
She faces the charge after her daughter received mail invoices at her home for credit cards she did not own.
“She received two invoices with a total balance of $740 from Capitol One Bank regarding a Platinum Mastercard and a Visa Platinum card,” said McMinnville police detective Barry Powers. “The daughter had not applied for the credit cards and suspected her mother may be responsible.”
Powers went to talk to the victim’s mother and was given a confession.
“She admitted she had applied for the credit cards and used them at Roses where she worked as well as at J’s Restaurant,” Powers revealed, adding Holt did not have permission to apply for or use the cards.