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Mom sentenced for helping son escape jail
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A mother who helped spring her son from jail will spend Mother’s Day behind bars for facilitating escape, while her son will have an extra year added to his sentence for his week-long run from the law.The mother, Josie Lee Cooper, 40, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley and was ordered to serve 180 days of a four-year sentence for facilitating felony escape for her son, Marty J. Cooper, 19.Her son had an extra year added to his sentence for the jail escape, meaning he is looking at upwards of 10 years in combined sentences as he faces finishing up serving an eight-year sentence for violating his probation and then another two-year sentence after entering a guilty plea before Judge Stanley to leading lawmen on a high-speed chase last year. The one year for escape will be served in addition to those two sentences.Cooper escaped from Warren County Jail in October along with George “Hondo” Pease. They were able to escape by knocking out a block wall in their cell using a metal urinal pipe.