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Meth operation participant sentenced to 90 days
Tammy Crusinberry

The final member of a meth distributing operation based out of Green Acres Apartments has been sentenced, her sentence the least of the three dealers.
The woman, Tammy Crusinberry, 29, entered a guilty plea to the charge of possession of meth and was directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 90 days of an eight-year sentence. Her sentence is half that of fellow female suspect Latricia R. Brady, who got 180 days for her part in the operation.
Meanwhile, Steffen Matthew Brady, 24, got 10 years for a combination of his part in the meth business and for slamming into a pursuing deputy a week after the Green Acres bust, causing the pursuing vehicle to overturn and injure the deputy. Crusinberry was a passenger in his car that day and ended up getting 12 days in jail for the chase.
The three were busted at Green Acres when police came to help a probation officer find a probationer at the apartment in October of last year. Police were let inside and it didn’t take them long to find a gram of meth inside Mr. Brady’s bedroom along with six digital scales, a marijuana pipe, and a 9 mm handgun clip containing 10 rounds. A search of Ms. Brady’s purse yielded even more meth as 5.3 grams were found inside it when police checked.
Police also discovered a surveillance system they believe the residents were using to monitor the parking lot outside their apartment.
“A wireless camera system was posted at the entrance to the apartment and into the parking lot,” the police report read.
Along with the contents of the house and Ms. Brady’s purse, police say they found drugs on Crusinberry. She had two varieties of pills in one pill bottle that was found on her person.
“She asked if she was going to be charged with them and the officer said ‘most likely’ and then she started shoving them into her mouth,” the police report read, adding the officer chased the woman into a bedroom where he was able to get most of the pills out of her mouth before she swallowed them.
Along with trying to swallow the pills, police say Crusinberry had $394 concealed in her bra which she tried to hand to another person in the apartment when police began their search.