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Meth lab found in motel room
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A woman caught with a meth lab in her motel room has been bound on meth manufacture charges.The woman, Sherry D. Grissom, was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross on the charge of initiating the process intended to manufacture meth.She was bound after the judge heard testimony from sheriff’s investigator Jody Cavanaugh who said they arrived at her door at McMinnville Inn, located at the edge of the city on Sparta Highway, to investigate suspicions meth was being made in the room.“I could smell meth,” Cavanaugh testified of the tell-tale scent given off by the manufacture of the illegal drug.Cavanaugh said they began knocking on the door but did not get an answer for a few minutes. Then, the officer recalled, a woman’s voice was heard from behind the door.“She said to give her a minute because she wasn’t dressed,” Cavanaugh said, noting several more minutes then passed with his partner going over to a gap in the window where he could see activity inside the room.“He saw her take a black bag and go into the bathroom and shut the door,” Cavanaugh said, noting they believed she was going to try to destroy evidence so they forced their way into the room.Once inside they had to force their way through the bathroom door to where Grissom had taken refuge. Once in the bathroom Cavanaugh said they found mason jars in the tub and water was “everywhere” inside the bathroom.Cavanaugh said after Grissom was removed he returned to the room wearing a hazardous materials suit and found numerous other items used in the production of meth.Grissom was bound to the grand jury after the hearing.