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Message board helps teachers exchange ideas
Courtney Bennett uses an online discussion board while Dianne Pepper, front, and Dawn Cantrell take a look at the technology at the WCHS annex.

Forget about talking in the teacher’s lounge.
Warren County High School annex teachers are turning to an online discussion board to exchange ideas.
“With this being online, we can communicate any time as professionals, day or night,” said WCHS annex director Courtney Bennett. “If we’re in a doctor’s office and something pops into our mind, we can share it right away. It keeps the discussion going and it helps create ownership when we’re all working together.”
Schools around the county already conduct PLC meetings on a regular basis. PLC stands for professional learning community. These meetings, held about once a month, give educators a chance to collaborate on what’s happening in their classrooms and set goals for upcoming weeks.
Bennett said the online discussion portal being used at WCHS annex is much like other social media sites. Everyone in the group is notified when a person within the group posts a message and they can respond if they like.
“We’ve been using this about two weeks and it’s a great way to get ideas flowing,” said Bennett. “People might not feel comfortable speaking up with an idea in a large group, but they don’t mind posting a comment online. I think this would be a great tool to use at the high school within departments. It’s a free service and you can access it through your mobile phone.”
The WCHS annex currently has five teachers and Bennett as director. Course work at the annex is delivered entirely online with teachers serving more as facilitators.
The online work allows students to go at their own pace and allows the teachers to guide students to areas where they need the most help.