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MES warns against scam
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McMinnville Electric System wants its local customers to be made aware of a scam that’s using the MES name in an effort to get money.
According to Debbie Sain, marketing and communications manager for McMinnville Electric System, two customers have been the target of a phone scam with individuals calling saying their bill is due and arrangements need to be made over the phone in order to prevent service from being disconnected.
“Never give banking and/ or credit card information over the phone,” said Sain. “Please hang up and quickly call MES at 473-3144. The folks at MES can tell you if you are behind on your bill. Be safe. Hang up.”
By the information given to MES, one caller stated they were from “TVA” (Tennessee Valley Authority) and a bill had not been paid. The other caller said they were from “McMinnville Utilities” and their bill has not been paid. While one customer provided their banking information, one did not.
As a general rule, law enforcement officials say people should never give out personal information over the phone unless they are the ones who made the phone call and know it’s to a trusted source. Anyone can make a phone call to your home claiming to be from a certain organization or charity and asking for money or demanding it because payment is late.
Police say these phone calls often involve scare tactics such as your electricity will be cut off if you don’t pay today, or you will lose your Medicaid benefits if you don’t verify your Social Security number.
For more information about MES, call 473-3144.