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Memorial Day: Honoring the fallen
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Remembering the 131 Warren countians and the over 1.4 million Americans who gave their all in defense of their country, scores of local residents gathered shortly after dawn Monday morning at Warren County Memorial Airport to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.“It is for freedom that they died,” declared Memorial Day keynote speaker Col. Chuck Echols as the flag waved at half-mast over his shoulder in respect to those who have fallen in battle.Echols pointed out the tradition that led to what is now Memorial Day began as a result of the Civil War and laying flowers at the graves of soldiers. A store keeper then volunteered to close his business out of respect and asked other business owners to also close their doors the same day. The small tradition soon expanded into a national holiday, a holiday Echols said is important to hand down over generations.“It is important to pass down this idea to make sure the younger Americans know,” said Echols, noting parents should speak to their children about the importance of observing Memorial Day.Echols pointed to the 131 fallen local war heroes, a list that was later read aloud by Angie Higgins, noting the loss has come to the homes of Warren County since the Civil War.“For those families, every day is Memorial Day,” Echols said, adding the sacrifice they made is not surprising given the heart of the American soldier.