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Martin to face DUI with child in car
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A mother caught driving under the influence with her teenager in the car has been bound to the grand jury on aggravated drunk driving charges.
The mother, Stephenie Dawn Martin, 41, was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on charges of DUI with a child under 18 and illegally stopping on a roadway. She also had her driver license stripped for one year for refusing to take a blood test making her in violation of the implied consent law which requires a driver to consent to a test if there is probable cause for an officer to request one.
She was arrested by Highway Patrolman Donnie Clark after he came upon her vehicle stopped in the middle of her lane of traffic on Jacksboro Road. When the officer drove up and shined his spotlight on her stationary vehicle she drove off, prompting the trooper to pull her over and ask her why she had been stopped in the  road.
“When I asked her why she was stopped in the road she responded she was looking for a cigarette lighter,” trooper Clark said in his citation against Martin.
When asked if she had been drinking, she responded she had just had one drink earlier. However, she said she had taken some prescription medications. She then did poorly on her field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.
She refused to take a blood test, allegedly saying it would show the drugs she had taken. A check of her prescription pills revealed there were 115 pills missing in a prescription that had been filled a short time before.
Capping the charges was her mother who came to the scene, and after talking to Martin, agreed her daughter was under the influence. The fact her teen child was in the car increased the charge to aggravated drunk driving, a crime for which offenders often get 30 days instead of the normal 48 hours for drunk driving.