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Man tries to run over two deputies
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A man faces criminal charges after he ran one deputy off the road and then sent two other lawmen diving for cover when he swerved at them.
The suspect, Kenneth Jay Lansden, 42, has been charged with evading arrest, assault, reckless endangerment, and driving on a suspended license.
His charges come as deputies were responding to a disturbance call on Charles Creek Road. The victims in that case say Lansden pushed his way into their home and made threats toward one of the residents, challenging him to a fight in the front yard.
Lansden left the scene before officers arrived and met deputy Mark Griffith on the road.
“He forced me into a ditch,” Griffith said, noting Lansden was coming right at him leaving him no choice but to take to the ditch.
Moments later, Lansden came upon deputies Jason Fowler and Jason Walker, who were standing next to their patrol units. It was at that point Lansden reportedly swerved toward the officers.
“I got into my unit and was finally able to stop the suspect in front of Short Mountain Road after following him for about two miles,” Fowler swore in his warrant against Lansden.